Example to how the creatures evolves

(進化段, Shinka-dan or just Shinka) is where the Capsule Creatures was changed.

Changing the CreaturesEdit

The creatures was glowing into their bodies into a a strange aura cocoon form. It soon hatched out into a new form. This evolution progress were started to glow into miraculous energy by forming into their bodies.

  • Example for Leafor
    1. Leafor doen't move at all, but the energy flows up
    2. The aura energy begins to rise up and Leafor was no longer to active
    3. Leafor's remained energy was inside and covered with aura form
    4. Leafor's remained energy is turned into a "strange" cocoon form
    5. The cocoon flows back into it's aura
    6. The cocoon transformed into a energy like-egg
    7. Lastly, the egg begins to hatch into new form a Leafisis