Elementals is the power of Capsule Creatures who created by Samuel when causing the power crystals. These the crystals are being of like types. The crystals are from Rainbow Planets where is full of crystals on the fields.

Type ElementalsEdit

Each elementals are very possibled powers. This Normal Elemental was no ability for creatures.

  • Normal (白, Shiro)
  • Fire (火, Hi)
  • Water (水, Mizu)
  • Thunder (雷, Kaminari)
  • Grass (木, Ki means Wood)
  • Earth (土, Tsuchi)
  • Poison (毒, Doku)
  • Wind (天, Ten means Sky or Heaven)
  • Machine (具, Armor means Equipment)
  • Light (光, Hikari)
  • Darkness (闇, Yami)
  • Dragon (竜, Ryū)

Ability PowersEdit

Ability Powers are capability for Capsule Creatures.