Cheran (チェーラン, Chēran) is the son of Rolf and Saya Otonashi after Power Rangers/Super Sentai event. He was a boy who leds to Uniova region and the main character.


He is first appearance in Power Rangers: Pirates Attack (before episode 1), crying about losing his glasses. However, Dillain founds his glasses and give to him, but revealed he's hungry. He returned Episode 4 and Hotmir accidentally knocks his glasses and revealed was timid person mentioned by his father Rolf.


He was a timid boy after Saya's birthplace until Rolf get the new glasses then become smart and very proud. He journey with Dillain and Georgia for a first adventure.

Cheran's CapsulesEdit

  • Barangon (traded by Georgia for Vixaquil)


  • Cheran is actual Cheren in Pokemon series except with human/chiropteran hybrid.