Capsule Creatures ZD is a Power Rangers Generation series. Unlike the Super Sentai, the Generation series stayed the second. Enter turned ZORD back into real creature form so, they can catch them.


The story are same and turned back into real creature in offscreen by Enter. Dillain, Georgia and Cheran stayed in Uniova Region and took on Dillain's new ship called DRAGON (Desend, Rise, Appear, Go, On, Network). Dillain and the others took the second creature care for Enter. Burns and Gazel come back and reunites the team called DRAGON Army.



  • Dillain Joo (Captain)
    • Hotmir/Volcomir (CP)
    • Centipillar/Centicoon/Centragon (CP)
  • Georgia (SR)
    • Vixaquil (CP)
  • Cheran (SR)
    • Barangon (CP)
    • Snailail/Hermidon (CP)
  • Burns (SR)
    • Leafisis (revealed Leafor was evolved, CP)
    • Shadew
  • Gazel (SR)
    • Hammadros (revealed Hydros was evolved, CP)

United ArmyEdit

  • Samuel Joo
  • Eureka
  • Miru Benson
  • Anjangna
  • Yumi-sensei
  • Peter
  • Enter
  • Pete
  • Vrak
  • Campbell


  • Shadow the Knight
  • Eustace
  • Dr. Mikoto


These episodes are chapters similarite of Samuel's Quest.

  2. The Legend of Three Guardians
  3. Fittest of the Survival
  4. The Bug Fest
  5. Battle For The Giants
  6. Fire with Fire Creature
  7. Leaving For Hours
  8. Ninja for Shooting (Part One)
  9. Chakra is the Ninja (Part Two)
  10. The Underground Fossils
  11. Take a Flight
  12. The Ghost Mansion
  13. Campbell, the Samuel's researcher
  14. Final Episode: The Final Rumble


  • The Generation series are similar of Power Rangers RPM: Inazuma 11, Cybertron and TMNT 2003.
  • This is the first time when the Capsule Creatures ability to speak to humans.
  • Like the final Trilogy, this is the shortest episodes however. They continued to second GENERATION series.